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Why Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?


Real Estate is an ever-changing and highly competitive environment. Hiring a professional Real Estate Photographer will not only give you an edge over your competition but also provide an even larger return in the selling process. Buyers set high expectations when they see a home for the first time, and they typically have short attention spans. Showcasing perfectly lit, professional images will give buyers a great first impression and attract more viewings of the property. As a Real Estate Photographer I use only the best equipment and editing software in post processing to create high dynamic range images that balance lighting both inside and out. How exactly do I do that? I use a technic called bracketing where I take up to 9 images and combine them at varying exposures to create the perfect image. As someone who came from the mortgage lending side of the industry and is still licensed, I understand how quick the real estate industry can move. That's why I provide 24 hour turn around with all real estate photos to ensure the homes can be listed and advertised quickly. Rush editing (12 hour turn around time) is also available for an additional charge. 360 Degree Virtual Tours, HD Video Walkthroughs, and twilight photos available. I'd love the opportunity to speak with you more about your listing. Schedule a phone call below if you'd like to discuss anything additional, or  book now using the link below!

Homes Professionally Photographed:

  • Sell much faster

  • Sell for a higher price

  • Get more viewings & offers

  • Help you stand out amongst your competition 

  • Create a better first impression with clients

  • Can rebrand older listings with newer images helping them to sell

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  • Includes up to 1600 sq ft

  • $0.07 per sq ft over 1600

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Online Delivery within 24 hours

  • 12 Hour Rush Delivery available from $75

  • Twilight Photos available - $20/ Image

  • Virtual Staging Available - $25/ Image

  • Mileage Fee - First 20 miles round trip included, $0.75/ mile charge after.

  • Produces 25 images + depending on size of home. 

HDR Real Estate Photography

Starting at only $150

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  • Social Media Highlight Reel - Starting at $125

  • ​HD Video - Starting at $350

  • Up to 1600 sq ft

  • $0.03 per sq ft over 1600


Starting at only $125

360 Degree Virtual Tours

Full 360 Degree views of each room!

Compliment photos and videos with a complete virtual home tour. These tours help potential buyers visualize the layout better. Great for people buyers who live far away, or have too full of a schedule to make it out to view the home. 

 Starting at only $.07/ Sq Ft

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