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About Me
Refined Influence Photography


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Springfield, MO Photographer

How It All Began

I remember as a child the excitement of receiving a disposable camera. The limitless possibilities I felt like I had. I'd cherish it and save the precious clicks for a zoo trip, or beach day. One day my grandparents found me this cheap film camera at a yard sale. I couldn't believe I had my OWN camera that wasn't disposable. All 5 mp of it. As I got older I eventually received a Sanyo point and shoot digital camera. I'd spend hours chasing around my cat, and exploring my grandmas farm just trying to find something to take pictures of. Eventually I hit my teenage years and an upgrade was due. I remember that Christmas very fondly. I'd found this beautiful indigo Nikon point and shoot camera on Black Friday that mom let me pick out as my gift. I couldn't believe I had a "real" camera. While that appeased me for many years, my skills were continuing to develop and I decided to take the leap into the professional world and get my first DSLR. . Many "how to" Youtube videos later, and a lot of practice and I started doing sessions for friends and family. Back in 2017 while I was staying home with my newborn daughter, I decided to begin what at the time was known as Ashley Reed Photography, for lack of better creativity. I loved sharing my work with others and hearing how much they loved their precious photos. Eventually I rebranded into what is now known as "Refined Influence Photography". When I rebranded my business I decided I wanted to expand out to what I've always been the most passionate about... landscape and wildlife prints. Something that combines my love for travel and my artistic side. I am proud of offer a vast ever-growing array of unique art prints, packaged and delivered right to your door. I also offer customer sessions for almost any occasion or special event. Business owners.. don't think I forgot about you. I offer packages for you as well including social media content, stock photos for your website, personal shoots, and much more. Please reach out to me with any special inquiries or questions! I'd love to work with you!

I will work my hardest to ensure I capture your most precious of memories. I want your entire experience from beginning to end to be the easiest and best you've had with any photographer. I will always work to improve myself, my work, and my process in this ever-evolving industry. Professionalism is of utmost importance to me. My goal is to create lifelong clients with images that last both in quality and style. Thank you for making this possible. 

My Promise

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