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Kicknamed the "Bridge to nowhere", this massive bridge is a way across the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Named the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge it stands roughly 650ft above the roaring Rio Grande river. With a large Indian Reservation protecting most of the land around, this leads from the popular town Taos, across towards the EarthShip homes, a popular tourist destination. This is the 5th highest bridge in the United States. While crossing the bridge you will notice several phone lines that go directly to the suicide hotline as well as signs asking people to not jump. Names have been written across the bridge by survivors of the lost souls who took the leap. It is both eeirie and beautiful at the same time. This bridge has appeared in several Hollywood films including: Paul, Terminator Salvation, Natural Born Killers, Wild Hogs, and White Sands. 

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge II

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