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Across the Rio Grande in New Mexico there lies an entire Earthship community. These homes are built inground and are completely offgrid. They are mostly buried with the south facing side being mostly glass. Throughout the day the glass lets heat in and the walls heat up. Throughout night the walls release the heat. Being in ground they stay a very consisten temperature. Not too hot or too cold. The materials to build the homes often consist of used tires, bottles, and other disguarded materials. The homes tend to have solar panels to operate lights, and they collect rain water and use it multiple tines. Initially for drinking water, showers and sinks, Then it is recycled and used as water to flush the toilets. On it's third usage, it goes outside and is cleaned and then applied to watering the lawn and their plants. Most of these homes have a greenhouse inside on the south side utilizing the windows. This was just one of the homes in the community. 

Earthship I

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