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Headshots & Branding

Headshots are essential for so many aspects in a business. Whatever you might need them for, I can help. I travel and setup a studio at a location of your choosing for ultimate convenience. You have the choice of a traditional solid background and pose, or something a little more modern that shows off your personality & business. No matter which you choose you'll receive priority editing so you can put your new headshots to use asap. All uploaded into a private online gallery, making receiving and downloaidng the images quick and easy. Scroll down to learn more about the various headshot packages offered as well as our branding sessions!

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Headshots Pricing

Per Person

  • 1st Person - $250

    • Up to 6 headshots 

  • 2-4 Additional People -$175 per person

    • Up to 6 headshots per person​

  • 5- 10 People - $155 Per person 

    • Up to 6 headshots per person​

  • 11 +  will fall into Corporate pricing​

    • Please reach out for a custom quote for 1 headshot/ person.​ Starting at only $75 Per Person!

Location Fees

  • First location included each day

  • Additional Locations $50/ each 

  • Mileage Fee of $0.75/ mile added after first 20 miles for the day.


  • Group photos will cost the same as adding one additional person. 

  • $250 initial person headshot fee always applies to cover time needed to setup. Pricing adjust for additional images based on how many additional people are needing headshots.

Pricing Includes

  • Priority editing for a quicker turn around time.

  • All images will be high resolution and will be delivered to an online gallery for your convenience.

  • Most headshots I'll take from waist up, allowing you to crop them as much as you'd like, thanks to my extremely high resolution camera. This makes each image more versatile over time.  This gives you the option of using them as half body shots or as headshots for a variety of materials. 

  • Additional Headshots may be purchased for $35/ image.

  • Pre- session consultation to discuss what you're wanting captured, visions, and goals. 

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • Commercial Scope of Usage

Due to the overwhelming need for professional headshots I have decided to offer headshot mini sessions. These will occur on the first Friday of each month at my home studio in southern Springfield, MO. Starting at only $125 for 2 images WITH a commercial license. To book a time, click the link below!

First Friday of the Month 

Headshot Minis!!!

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Our Portable Background Collection
The gallery below showcases our current available backdrops that can be taken and set up at the location of your choice. We are always looking to expand our collection. If there is something specific you're needing for your business, don't be afraid to ask! 

The In's and Out's of Branding Sessions

Looking for quick, impactful branding photos that capture the essence of your business without a lengthy commitment? Our branding sessions are designed for busy professionals who need high-quality images on a tight schedule. Perfect for updating your website, social media, or marketing materials, these sessions deliver stunning visuals that highlight your brand's unique identity.


With a streamlined process and a focus on efficiency, you'll get in, get your shots, and get back to business. Each session includes a concise, yet comprehensive, consultation to ensure we capture exactly what you need. Ideal for startups, small businesses, and anyone looking to make a big impression with minimal disruption, our branding sessions are the perfect solution for high-impact, time-efficient branding photography.


Combine these sessions with our ongoing yearly branding packages for a consistent and evolving visual narrative that keeps your brand fresh and engaging all year round.




Premium Branding

Up to 6 hours

Commercial LIcense

Unlimited Locations (Mileage fee applies)

Up to 60 Edits of your choice

Unlimited Outfit changes

6 Unique Headshots

Pre-session Consultation


This package is best when used to create content for several months, ads, marketing, and more! We will spend time planning out many different options and ideas for a huge variety of images!



Professional Branding

Up to 2.5  Hours

Commercial License

35 Edited Images of your Choice

3 Unique Professional Headshots

Up to 2 Locations

Unlimited Outfits

Pre- Session Consultation



Essential Branding

Up to 1 Hour 

Commercial License 

Up to 15 Edited Images of your choice

Up to 2 Outfit changes

Pre-session consultation

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One Time Branding Session Vs. Ongoing Yearly Branding Packages


Our ongoing yearly branding packages are designed to provide businesses with a strategic and comprehensive approach to their visual branding needs. Here's why opting for an ongoing package is advantageous compared to a one-time package:


1. Consistency and Cohesion: Businesses often have diverse marketing needs across various platforms and campaigns. An ongoing package ensures a consistent and cohesive visual identity throughout all your marketing materials, enhancing brand recognition and trust among your audience.


2. Adaptability and Evolution: Markets and trends evolve constantly. With an ongoing package, you have the flexibility to adapt your branding visuals to stay relevant and resonate with your target audience. Whether it's seasonal campaigns, product launches, or rebranding efforts, we can evolve your visuals accordingly throughout the year.


3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Investing in a yearly package provides cost savings compared to multiple one-time sessions. You benefit from bulk pricing and streamlined processes, making it a budget-friendly option for large businesses looking to maintain a high-quality visual presence.


4. Efficient Workflow: By committing to a yearly package, you streamline the workflow and eliminate the need for constant coordination and scheduling. This allows your team to focus on other strategic initiatives while we handle the details of your branding photography consistently and efficiently.


5. Long-term Relationship: Building a long-term partnership through an ongoing package fosters a deeper understanding of your brand's visual language and objectives. We become an extension of your team, ensuring that every image reflects your brand values and messaging accurately.


In summary, our ongoing yearly branding packages offer businesses the benefits of consistency, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, efficient workflow, and a long-term partnership, making it a strategic choice for maintaining a strong visual presence in today's competitive market.

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Ongoing Yearly Branding Packages...

The Elite Branding Package
$800 /Monthly

12 Branding Sessions, Photographed Monthly

This ongoing plan will keep you at the top of the feed, featuring regular monthly content updates. This package includes a 4 hour session every month, monthly planning consultation, 45 edited images, private gallery, complimentary photo storage.

The Growth Branding Package
$825/ Bi Monthly

6 Branding Sessions,

Photographed Bimonthly

This Bimonthly package provides enough content to regularly update your website and socials. The package includes up to a 4 hour session Bi-monthly, 45 edited images, private gallery, and complimentary photo storage. 

The Foundation Branding Package

$845/ Quarterly

4 Branding Sessions

Photographed Quarterly

This quarterly package provides fresh content for those looking to keep their website and social updates fresh and professional. This packages includes up to a 4 hour session quarterly, 45 edited images, private gallery, and complimentary storage. 

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